Privacy Policy

Federal Exchange has a compliance with the Central Bank of UAE and other international organizations. This helped Federal Exchange to design a satisfactory system for carrying out the activities of money laundering and identifying doubtful transactions. The directives which are issued by the above said organizations are implemented in Federal Exchange. Periodical checks are carried out so as to supervise whether transactions taken place through our channel are adhering the rules. The objective of this policy is to ensure that transactions routed through Federal Exchange never becomes a cause for disguised criminal activities.

We will be carrying out our best efforts for the implementation and the designing of the internal policies with constant innovations for the services rendered by Federal Exchange. This makes Federal Exchange an ideal choice for safe and secure transactions. Federal Exchange works for the millions of people who are searching for a trusted money exchanger. Secure money transfer is guaranteed with Federal Exchange. Now you can send your money worldwide in fraction of seconds. With the working policy we actually opt for doing business, assures a protection for your transactions and your personal information.